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Menlo Atherton Ventures LLC is a Private Equity Firm dedicated to the creation, acquisition, and development of reliable and globally trusted brands. The firm was founded in 2017 by a group of California angel investors with backgrounds in Executive level Management, Accounting, and Marketing, The firm first launched in the Dietary Supplement space and since expanded into Beauty, Fashion, Media, and Consulting. Ulises Amaral serves as the current Managing Director. 


     The newest Division of Menlo Atherton Ventures,

The Menlo Atherton Group offers game changing Brand Management, Talent Management, and Consulting Services to its clients. Bringing over a decade of experience in their respective fields, the Group is able to help companies of all sizes and sectors grow into the next stage. 

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The Media division of Menlo Atherton Ventures handles production and distribution of all content and materials needed for the successful execution of any marketing strategies by any Menlo Atherton Ventures Brand, Subsidiary, Affiliate, or Client. 

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The Roan Beauty Company offers on-site beauty services, Certification Programs, and in Spring 2020 will reopen its Silicon Valley studio in a larger space.  

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Our flagship brand Night Out, develops, manufactures, and distributes a line of dietary supplement beverages formulated to help negate the effects of alcohol to the liver. The line includes an energy drink, Night Out Boost. 

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Big Gift, Tiny Smirks

Hello Mein produces entertainment, live events, and distributes merchandise based on the character properties.  The original Hello Mein offers products and events for the 18-24 demographic, while the new line Happy Mein offers products and entertainment for the 10-17 demographic.  

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Miri Sue

Miri Sue designs, manufactures, and distributes women's clothing and accessories in the Athletic, Swimwear, and Sleepwear segments. 

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